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As of February, 2016

Other dishes:  Gibier when the wild game meat arrived, the seasonal fishes etc.

Bistecca Charcoal broiled beef

*Aged shorthorn beef 

*Matured Japanese beef

*Hand-picked Japanese Beef etc.

*Being changed due to the market situation.


Charcoal grilled,

Hand-picked beef and pork

Home made sausage and bacon

*Bacon is cut into thick piece.


Hamburger steak (Ground beef steak)

*A juicy hamburger patty made of the hand-picked beef.  Served with the baked Risotto.


Pork loin

*Fujisawa pork famous for its sweet fat. (Fujisawa is the next city.) 300g


Appetizer & Side dishes

Kamakura vegetable pickles


French fries

*Garlic and Rosemary flavor


Vegetable Frite

*Italian food fried with the semolina


Cheese plate

*Parmigiano, Gorgonzola and others.


Vegetable Bagna Cauda

*Kamakura vegetables baked in the oven with Bagna Cauda sauce.

It will take 20 minutes after order.


Home made Focaccia (for the additional piece)

\100 / person

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