Nature and Temples

I love nature in Kamakura and enjoy surfing and hiking.  As for the temples, I like the peaceful atmosphere of Zen Temples where monks trained themselves in Zen-meditation. I visit those temples at the mountain side.  They are not in my neighborhood, but it is a nice walk from here.

Jochiji 浄智寺

This temple has some historical stories in connection with a famous Samurai, Ashikaga and is one of the five great Rinzai temples of Kamakura which were ranked in Kamakura era.  We can enjoy a walk in their large garden and we feel the air of the Zen temple.  A magnificent gate, Kanro no I (old well that is one of the Kamakura ten wells) are worth seeing, too.


Houkokuji Temple 報国寺

Ever popular tourist spot is Hokokuji that is known by the name of Bamboo Temple.  You would feel the unspeakable calmness in its ground surrounded by a lot of bamboo.  And there is a Green Tea house in the garden where the visitors enjoy Japanese tea.   Besides these general features, it has a long history since 14th century and some of their items such as statue and manuscript are known as the specified cultural property.  That is a real Rinzai temple.  (En)


An entrance of Daibutsu hiking course is just a few minute walk farther on from the Great Buddha.  It's a nice choice to walk to Genjiyama park and then to Kitakamakura area when the weather is nice.  We should never forget that it's a mountain path that is not so well developed as a promenade.


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